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Love great coffee? You’ve come to the right place. Have a passion for helping others? You’re in luck. Want to buy some great coffee and help others at the same time? Well, friend, you may have just found your new favorite website.

You’re not just drinking coffee


It may sound rather unbelievable, but we are not in this business for the profit. This brand is 100% dedicated to providing desperately-needed support to orphaned and abandoned children in the nation of Costa Rica, through a small, family run children’s home called Hogar Metodista. A minimum of $3 from every bag of coffee we sell go directly to this cause.

When you set out to make the

You start with beans from the best growing regions on the planet. That’s why we’ve selectively curated beans from small, family-run farms in Costa Rica, Colombia, Central and South America. These are folks who know a thing or two about good coffee.

This is where your goes

On seven rolling acres outside the bustling capital of Costa Rica sits a quaint cluster of white buildings. It is a place of peace, love, safety and hope for some very special children, and it’s why you can feel really good every time you purchase Seriously Good Coffee.

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has a special place in our hearts.

Costa Rica certainly isn’t the only developing country with higher-than-average rates of poverty and child abandonment. So why did we choose to support a tiny mission in this small, Central American nation? Grab some Kleenex, because this story will move you.


You can still help.

Hey, we get it. Not everyone is a coffee drinker. But if you have a big heart and want to do some serious good for some very special children, please consider a direct donation to Hogar Metodista.