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Seriously We Need you.

We know you’re going to love our coffee, but our real hope is that you may become inspired to be a part of our mission. That’s why we created Seriously Good Friends – a community of people like you who want to do something good for some special children who really need our help.

Being a Seriously Good Friend is the simplest and most direct way that you can impact the lives of the children of Hogar Metodista, and it’s super easy. So, are you ready to help us get our grounds off the ground?


Stock up on our delicious coffee! And once you fall in love with it, you can leave us a positive review on Amazon, tell all your friends about it and share our content on social media. Your advocacy and promotional support can make an incredible impact!


Talk about a win-win-win situation! Seriously Good Coffee is the perfect gift for a friend, family member, client, co-worker or fellow coffee lover. They get excellent coffee, Hogar Metodista gets funding and you get to feel really, really good about yourself.


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    David and Deborah have been longtime supporters of Hogar Methodista, even helping the Zirkels procure the land that the home now sits upon. As serial entrepreneurs who have started and grown numerous businesses, the Michel’s also know how to get things done. Combining their passion for helping the children of Hogar Metodista with deep business insight and a genuine love of great coffee, the Michels oversee all of the operation aspects of the company and serve as leaders of the Hogar Metodista donor committee.

    JOSEPH BELL: Supply Chain Manager

    Joe is a logistics and technology guru who works tirelessly to ensure that our coffee gets all the way from the growing fields to your front door with the quality, freshness and consistency that you’d expect from a seriously good brand of coffee.


    Visionary story tellers? Yes. Talented production professionals? Check. Good hearted folks who shared their gift of creating powerful videos so that the world can watch what we’re setting out to do? Absolutely. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t leave this site without watching the incredible video that The Producer’s Lounge created.

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    Aars | Wells

    Like what you see on our bags, our website and in our social media channels? That’s Aars | Wells, the creative team that’s helped us build our brand and get folks buzzing about Seriously Good Coffee.

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